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  • Gaelle Bellan

    After her studies at the CEEA, she writes 2 episodes of the 6th season of Spiral. She also writes Le Temps des Égarés, directed by Virginie SAUVEUR for Arte, which won FIPA’s audience award and many prizes at Luchon. She developped with Anne LANDOIS the show La Promesse for TF1. Currently, she’s working on Surface in collaboration with Laura PIANI for CANAL+ and on Le Chœur des Femmes.

  • Virginie Brac

    Virginie Brac is at first a noir fiction writer of which character Véra Cabral has been adapted for TV (Notre Dame Des Barjots, Vérités Assassines, 2X90’ ). Besides many unitaries, she wrote every episode in Spiral Season II produced by Son et Lumière and CANAL+, as well as collaborating on Season IV. She also created Tony’s Revenge, Tropiques Amers (6x52’), and Paris with Son et Lumière for Arte and Insoupçonnable for TF1.
    She created a new show called Cheyenne et Lola with Lincoln TV for OCS.
    She imagined Liaison the first French serie for Apple (Leonis/ASM).

    She’s currently working on Coeurs Noirs – Season 2 (Mandarin TV/Amazon/FTV)

  • Oliver BUTCHER

    After completing a literature degree, Oliver Butcher began his career in documentaries and advertising, before selling his first movie project to George Harrison’s HandMade Films in 1988. Since then, he has worked as a screenwriter for all the major US studios. He began by writing comedies (Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde - 1995), until focusing on his real enthusiasm - thrillers. 2011’s ’Unknown’ starring Liam Neeson, written in collaboration with Stephen Cornwell, was one of his last studio credit, with their new film ‘Message From The King’ released in 2017. Oliver wrote a pilot episode for ’Woman Of The Dead’ (a series based on Bernhard Aichner’s bestselling thriller for A&E/Lifetime) and the Bible and two episodes of a new serie, ‘Faceless’ with Virginie BRAC and most recently, the pilot of "Klaas" for B2 Productions.
  • Frédéric Chansel

    After graduating from Fémis, he’s a leading screenwriter for several scripts in development with Scarlett, Boxeur de Lune and Agat. After he wrote the archs of Famille d’accueil (France 3) and an episode for Une Chance De Trop (TF1) he wrote an episode of Section de Recherches (TF1). He’s developing a new serie with Calt for CANAL+. In parallel, he has co-written two feature films with Xabi MOLIA.
  • Hugues Derolez

    Hugues Derolez is a screenwriter, psychology graduate with a master in history of cinema and a Femis - Series TV writing department alumni. After working for several years as a film critic, he wrote a number of essays and is actually working on developing his own tv shows concepts. He also writes dialogues for broadcast TV shows.
  • Thomas Finkielkraut

    He’s one of the first graduates from the Fémis school’s new department for Television series. He is developing a movie for TV called Illégitime directed by Renaud BERTRAND. He worked on the third and fourth season of Baron Noir for CANAL+ He writes with Maxime CAPERAN the feature film L’Etat Sauvage. He’s currently working, again with Maxime CAPERAN, on 9MM created by Virginie BRAC for TV
  • Olivier Fox

    He directed Comme Des Citrons and a well-received short film for Canal +, Kozak. He’s one of the writers for QI’s Season 2. He was part of the writing team for 26x26’ serie with Method Animation, Seven And Me, and wrote an episode for Innocente (France 3). He has recently co-authored with Bourlem GUERDJOU a new feature film called Yallah. He directed an original serie for OCS Nu.

    He’s currently developing MA MEILLEURE AMIE for theaters, LA PIRE SEMAINE DE MA VIE and PSYCHOLOGUE DU CRIME for television.

  • Sarah Malléon

    2015 graduate from the CEEA, she has written an episode for season II of Sam as well as a new serie for Quad/France 3. She’s currently developing Les Rêveurs, a new serie by France 2 for Vema Productions, the sequel of Mention particulière et the adaptation of Baptiste Beaulieu’s novel Alors voilà.
  • Laurent Mercier

    After his studies at CEEA and Serial Eyes, he is the only French writer of new serie Eden, co-produced by Atlantique Production, directed by Dominik MOLL and broadcasted on Arte in 2019.

    He has just finished writing show Vol MH370 for France 2 and he’s currently working on the show A Better Place.

  • Julie Peyr

    She appreciates long term work relationships : Antony CORDIER, from Cold Showers to Gaspard Va Au Mariage, Arnaud DESPLECHIN, from Jimmy P to Tromperie. She worked with Catherine CORSINI on the script of Un Amour Impossible, and wrote with Safy NEBBOU Celle Que Vous Croyez.

    Her second novel Anomalie is published in 2018 by Editions des Equateurs.


  • 18 novembre 2015

    Malaterra - Diffusion

    Mercredi 18 Novembre 2015 à 20h55 sur France 2, découvrez Malaterra, l’adaptation de Broachurch par Stéphane Kaminka​ (dont il a signé 2 épisodes seul et 2 épisodes en collaboration avec Akima SEGHIR). Réalisé par Jean-Xavier DE L’ESTRADE et Laurent HERBIET, on y trouve Simon ABKARIAN, Constance DOLLÉ​ , Béatrice DALLE, Louise MONOT, Nicolas DUVAUCHELLE, Michaël ABITEBOUL, Yves ALFONSO, Catherine HIEGEL, Marie DENARNAUD, Arly JOVER, Michael GREGORIO, Florence THOMASSIN
  • 14 novembre 2015 fr – Laurent Mondy

    Meurtres à La Rochelle - Diffusion

    Samedi 14 Novembre 2015 à 20h55 sur France 3, on pourra voir "Meurtres à La Rochelle", écrit par Laurent MONDY, réalisé par Etienne DHAENE, avec Philippe CAROIT, Dounia CONSENS, Guillaume DENAIFFE, Lucie JEANNE

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